Art, with heart

When Cameron died, Rhonda began creating imagery with her camera as a product of her grief. She shares some of this imagery on her blog, The Shoemaker's Daughter. It is imagery that reminds her of Cameron, imagery that comforts her, imagery that reminds us all to be still and remember that there is more to life beyond this life. 

To celebrate the launch of Rhonda's book, Life Without Cameron, we have curated a small collection of mini art prints from Rhonda's photographic archives. This first collection is inspired by the mystery and allure of the twilight hour. Each print measures 148mm x 148mm and ships with a matching envelope. Frame your mini art print or tape it to the wall with a piece of washi tape. Or, if you know someone who is suffering or struggling, use your mini art print as a card and write to your friend or family member. Reaching out to someone in need can make a world of difference.

Our mini art prints are produced by Momento Pro at their Chippendale studio using their Art 250gsm stock, which has a matte finish with a slight texture.  It is also pH neutral, elemental chlorine free, museum quality, and is FSC certified. The prints are created with an HP Indigo 7800 digital press which uses ElectroInks to produce the widest colour gamut available in digital offset printing today. Each art print will be packaged by hand, and we will send you an email notification once your item has been dispatched. We offer free shipping for all mini art prints, and we are happy to ship worldwide. If you have any questions about shipping and returns, please visit our FAQ page.

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In June 2016, Rhonda's second youngest son, Edward, was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease—an illness that mostly affects children under five years of age. It is caused by the inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body, including those of the heart (the coronary vessels), and it is now the most common cause of acquired heart disease in children in developed countries. It is a relatively uncommon disease—with an annual incidence in the United Kingdom and United States of approximately 9–12 per 100 000 children under five. If undiagnosed, Kawasaki Disease can cause damage to the coronary arteries in 20–25 percent of cases, which can lead to long-term complications. The disease was first described by Kawasaki in 1967. Today, the exact cause of Kawasaki Disease remains unknown, though it is thought to be related to an abnormal host response to infections. For every mini art print that is sold, we will donate $2.00 to the Heart Foundation to help fund research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of heart disease and related disorders.


First light

Price: $7.95 AUD

"When Cameron first died, mornings were the hardest. I dreaded waking up every day. But now, with time, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the first light once more." 

To yearn for a day

Price: $7.95 AUD

"Sometimes I yearn to be by myself. To run away for a day (maybe even two). A day to rest. A day to breathe. A day to be free. A day to be still. A day to simply - be."

Into the shadows

Price: $7.95 AUD

"Corners and shadows intrigue me. Sometimes when we grieve, it can feel like we belong in the shadows. Darkness. Loneliness. Uncertainty. Emptiness. That is where we dwell."

Golden hour

Price: $7.95 AUD

"The golden hour is full of promise. The day is almost over. Rest and slumber are near. Tomorrow is another day. A new day that promises a fresh start to those who desire it." 

What lies ahead

Price: $7.95 AUD

"I know not what lies ahead in this life. Only one thing is sure: there will be tears, and there will be gladness. And at the end of it, there will be rest. Eternal rest."

The gift of today

Price: $7.95 AUD

"Today is a gift. You can't do anything about yesterday. And you don't know anything about tomorrow. But today. Today is a gift. Cherish it. Embrace it. Thank God for it."


Price: $7.95 AUD

"Only by God's grace did we survive the days, the weeks, the months following Cameron's death. Only by God's grace do I stand today. He has sustained us. He sustains us still."

Beauty, truly

Price: $7.95 AUD

"Truly, there is beauty in grief. It refines us. Strengthens us. Reinforces our love for the person whom we've lost. We weep because we love. We love because we are."

Weeping willow

Price: $7.95 AUD

"We are at Berrima. We see trees everywhere—with no leaves. A weeping willow, in particular, leaves me feeling haunted, and I begin to wonder whether ghost stories are, in fact, true."