"Every child lost is a tragedy, whether through stillbirth or miscarriage, or whether the child has lived a day or eighteen years. Every mother grieves for her child. This book is a chronicle of our journey as we began our life without our precious firstborn son, Cameron, who died in utero at full term."

Life Without Cameron by Rhonda Mason is a memoir of love and loss. The manuscript for this book received a Certificate of Commendation in the 2009 Young Australian Christian Writer of the Year Awards. If you know someone who has lost a child through stillbirth or miscarriage, this book will help you to understand how you can better care for and love your friend or family member. Truly, you can make a difference by endeavouring to understand their pain and sorrow. For every copy of Life Without Cameron that is sold,  we will donate $2.00 to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia to support ongoing research into the causes of stillbirth and how it can be prevented.

Evening Press - If you've lost a child

If you've recently lost a child

by Rhonda Mason

Surround yourself with people who are able to care for you the way you need to be cared for. If what you need is to have someone listen to you talk about your child, then work out which of your friends are able to do that. If all you want is someone to cry with you, then find the ones who are happy to do just that.

Allow yourself to cry. I learnt early on that being able to cry is truly God’s gift to those who are grieving. It is a good antidote. No, it doesn’t change anything, but crying brings release in a way that nothing else can. Do not pay attention to anybody who tries to tell you that you shouldn’t be crying so much. Cry. Howl. You need to in order to survive the pain. 

Allow your partner to cry too. And by this I mean—if he has spent most of the day caring for you and your family, then try to give him the time and opportunity in the evenings to weep if that is what he needs. Ask your partner how he is feeling or what he is thinking whenever you have the chance, so that his grief is also given a voice.

If you are up to it, try to write down your feelings. In the early days, you will feel like you are being sucked into a vortex of such extreme and insurmountable emotions that it can become rather frightening and crippling. Writing down some of what you feel—it doesn’t have to be articulate, coherent, or eloquent—will help you cope with some of those emotions. It is soothing and therapeutic in an inexplicable way. 

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To celebrate the launch of Rhonda's book, Life Without Cameronwe have curated a small collection of mini art prints from Rhonda's photographic archives. This first collection is inspired by the mystery and allure of the twilight hour. Each print measures 148mm x 148mm and ships with a matching envelope. Frame your mini art print or tape it to the wall with a piece of washi tape. Or, if you know someone who is suffering or struggling, use your mini art print as a card and write to your friend or family member. For every mini art print that is sold, we will donate $2.00 to the Heart Foundation to help fund research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of heart disease and related disorders.